Meet The Team

UPrep is led by a team of spirited young professionals who firmly believe that education, driven via technology, will bring about the next wave of growth in the country.

Krishna Rao Akula

Co-Founder & CEO

Deepak Bunde

Co-Founder & COO

Rohith Reddy Gopu


Our Advisors
Veterans with diverse experience across industries guide us with their valuable insights and aid us in maximizing our potential.
Arvind Kapatkar
Mr. Arvind Kapatkar is a Visionary and best known as "The Founder of IIT foundation in India”. He founded Matrusri in 1995 and introduced the concept of IIT foundation in India, for the first time. He popularized the same across India, especially in Hyderabad. Matrusri, an IIT foundation has played a major role in making Hyderabad, the No. 1 city in terms of IIT-JEE results. His insights and expertise are invaluable to our company and shape the way our students are educated with a holistic approach. After building an iron-clad brand and pioneering foundation programmes, with effective problem solving techniques, he is now instrumental in helping us digitise the way, the new India prepares for their competitive exams.
Arthur Bovsky
Arthur is a world-class marketer and business veteran from U.S. with over three decades of experience. He is the founder and CEO of several successful U.S. and Canadian companies in the health products industry. Simultaneously, he is now helping Learnpedia to adapt many of the proven-successful U.S. marketing ideas and techniques to the Indian market.
Aravind Nayak
Aravind is a veteran in the field of communications and signal processing in the semiconductor industry. He works out of Pennsylvania. He is passionate about Learnpedia's initiatives in revolutionizing learning in India through technological initiatives. Aravind holds a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras and a PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology.